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X-Men: The Official Game

X-Men: The Official Gamedemo

Play as your favorite mutants in X-Men: The Official Game

X-Men: The Official Game is an action game based on 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand. You play as Wolverine, Iceman, and Nightcrawler, battling against a variety of enemies in three different game modes. This game serves as a bridge between the second and third X-Men films, using its storyline to explain why Nightcrawler doesn't appear in X-Men: The Last Stand. 

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  • by Mattia Santiago

    I never regretted that I downloaded and installed this game in my PC! This is such an exciting and challenging game that will hardly pump your adrenaline! It has an entertaining variety of character types per game mode. I really recommended this to every gamer out there because I believe they should not miss this masterpiece!

  • by Ethan James Cooper

    I just recently discovered this game through my neighbor who's a fan of X:Men series and he play this game all day long so, I became curious and I finally decided to try this. And, I can't blame him for playing this game all day long because it is indeed addicting!

  • by Georgina Packer

    If you are looking for the best action-packed game, this X-Men: The Official Game has it all! It can provide you the best game action experience you haven't experience in other action game before. Be prepared to be amaze of the game's graphics, game modes and most importantly, every characters skills and ability!

  • by Bethany Lim

    This game is definitely the best! The fun and excitement that this game has brought to me is beyond incredible! I really enjoy playing the character of Wolverine, Iceman and Nightcrawler in this game but my most favorite character to play of course is Wolverine because I love his beat-'em-up combat style!

  • by mohammed sagoe

    I really love how this game software perfectly incorporated the plot of the movie X-Men: The Last Stand which enable fans of the movie to fully enjoy the story and the game modes that this game app has. I definitely recommend this game especially to the legions of fan of the X-Men movie!

  • by Anonymous

    x-men 3000. oh bloody hell!!!!! it was pretty boring): both thumbs down towards this descrase. BOO!!!.. oh so i need more words for my opinion to be published you say... well i don't like this game at really sinks! whoever made..excuse me..created this proposterous "x-men: the official game" has very bad taste. not to mention that not just this one was, im pretty sMore